The Witch In The Hollow

  Who is The Witch In The Hollow?

                                             I am Richard and  I am a Traditional Witch. I  have                                                      centuries of traditional witchcraft in my blood which                                              has passed from one generation to the next,  and has                                              never lost any of its potency. It has not always                                                          been practised by every generation in my line                                                           although the power has always remained. I am not a                                            white witch neither am I a dark witch, I am simply a witch! We witches of the old ways feel the same variety of emotions as everyone else, which usually dictates which way we will cast. There is no written code of conduct that I live by, only that of my own heart and I feel that my strongest power of all is that of my choice, free will and the consequences of those choices. 

You will see many pictures throughout the website of my ancestors. I feel they keep me safe and bless everyone who visits.